Duet Investment LLC
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Our Roots

We focus on the future of multiple technology facilitating semiconductor developments required to enhance the wireless experience. We are comprised of seasoned technologists, strategic marketing visionaries, product developers as well as young energetic staff with a pulse on the future desires and needs for wireless. We are also technology agnostic, with capability to delve, together with our partners, to realize our vision.

Our Vision

To make a difference and make new paths reality.

Our Way

The beginning is unique with our vision in the industry. We were pulled together by one of the future of convergence of IoT & 5G and how to get the myriad of systems to talk, or cooperate, with each other. We are investing in technology innovation, IPs and talents that can bring those to us, and we will turn the them into practical products and solutions in 2-5 years.
A multinational team

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