Meet a multinational team steeped in technology, design, systems, foundry and process, and we continue to grow…


Chin-chi Chang (CC)

CEO and Managing Partner of Duet Investment

Chin-chi Chang (CC) is an industry expert with multiple years of experience in semiconductor technology, manufacturing and business development. Throughout his career, CC has taken various executive positions in public company while being an active proponent for social entrepreneurship.

He earned a DPhil in Physics from University of Oxford, UK and an MBA from Sloan School of Management, MIT.


Irene Lin

General Partner

Irene Lin is a 15 years’ veteran of the telecom and semiconductor industry working in multiple roles over the years as an entrepreneur, supporting US multinationals to achieve growth goals within China and greater Asia. From a sales support role in Shenzhen, to establishing offices & company charters & development strategy throughout China and Hong Kong, managing sales teams, winning worldwide & industry sales awards and developing business strategy, Irene has been a driver in the industry, growing sales for her clients by over 10-fold in the past 5 years. Currently, Irene focuses on managing company’s business strategy, to maximize the resources to serve the investment goal of the company in terms of finance, labor, enterprise laws, cross national investment. Irene has a bachelor degree in Industrial Accounting from Hu Bei University of Technology in Wuhan and has a Master Degree in Translation (English to Chinese) from Fudan University in Shanghai.


Bob Pinato

CIO and Managing Director

Bob Pinato has been working with firms in China for over 20 years and around Asia for 30 years to install systems and to drive semiconductor sales for US firms selling into telecom and associated markets. Bob has been an executive for US multi-nationals such as TRW, Sirenza, RFMD and ICCS Global, leading product developments, sales & marketing and operations roles. Currently working on strategic business development objectives as Chief Information Officer for the company.  He is a graduate of Loyola University Master Program and attended Pepperdine University, University of Maryland and Babson College for Engineering Management, Asian Studies and Finance.


Stephen Zhou

VP of Strategic Development

Stephen Zhou has worked in the microwave and telecom industry for over 17 years in China. His background includes MMIC design, sub-systems design, foundry as well as an Applications Engineer helping clients select and design in components into their systems. Over the past 5 years Stephen has impressed global clients with his abilities, which increased semiconductor component sales into base stations to over $12M annually. He has lead the strategic initiatives to design in GaN amplifiers ahead of the competition. In recent years, Stephen has focused on helping the company find the investment opportunities in technology and product as well as talents in the industry. Two products under one of his investment strategies are about to prototype by the end of 2017. Stephen is a graduate of Shanghai University.


Daniel Kong

VP of Business Development

Daniel Kong has 15 years of engineering expertise in RF, Microwave subsystems design and factory engineering management. Daniel has spent the past 6 years developing new markets for emerging CATV and optical products within the China broadcasting and telecom industries, and engaged in investment research in industry technology and product development.  He has worked for large multinational seeking new market penetration in China and has been instrumental in creating growth exceeding 60% year over year. Daniel has steadily grown his portfolio to include to business development which has helped clients develop new products to meet new & upcoming targets, and has played an important role in finding potential investment opportunities for the company. Daniel holds an EE degree from Tong Ji University in Shanghai.